We Love What We Do

We aim to discover and deconstruct to break things down and build them better


We design and develop attractive websites along with focusing on creating awareness of your business as we believe user-friendly and alluring looking website are both main key aspects of generating an exceptional experience for your users.


A brand’s identity is visually expressed by the designs chosen, with us you can be assured to seize captivating branding designs that aim to communicate your message concisely through creative visual representations, building a notable expression for your audience.


With the digital world only increasing, standing out in the market is much needed. By amending creative and innovative content to genuinely deliver value to your audience will certainly achieve the set target. We aim to craft high-quality content that repeatedly builds your brand’s equity.


Over the last few years Social Media has changed the internet therfore the world of marketing, we focus on creating an online community establishing an emotional connection with your brand and its target audiences, essential for your long and short term success.
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Building client brands is our #1 Priority

With Swifdigi it all starts with listening. We listen to what our clients want, We research, analyse and put to practice the best possible way to meet client needs, in order to produce a compelling, valuable and functioning digital service. Giving your business that much desired pizzazz.


Unique, truly responsive and functional websites that impress!


Regardless of how complex your website may be, we will break down and analyze each fragment to achieve the ultimate sophistication – simplicity.  So your brand message can easily be interpreted by your audience.


There are many aspects to look at when developing a website, we aim to make the ones produced by us possess a quality of being stylish with unique & creative designs, so your business can flourish in the digital world.


Technology and designs are the core of success for almost all businesses. That’s why we in SwiftDIgi use cutting-edge design and technology to make your website 100% responsive allowing it to be compatible with all devices.

Why Us?

“GOOD DESIGN IS GOOD BUSINESS.”                                                                                              ~Thomas J.Watson

We’re a full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital marketing. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to what we do.

What makes us stand out? We assists firms of all sizes to flourish in the digital world. We are constantly exploring new trends and patterns in the digital world to ensure we have the right tools to make your brand thrive online.

We are able to allocate our time, offering clients one to one basis whether through Skype or in a local cafe so we can grasp a better working relationship.

3 Months free maintenance service

Once we have successfully completed a website for you , you as a valuable client automatically qualify for a free 3-month website maintenance service. This means we can edit/delete/update and add various features to the built site on your request.

10% Referral for each customer you get!

If you refer us to a customer and the service given by us has been successful, you will receive a 10% commission based on the price of the service chosen by the customer.

Free 5 inspection points for your current site

We are offering 5 free inspections on any existing websites of yours. The aim of this service is to ensure we find out weaknesses of your website and how we can help to solve the issues. Simply fill in the contact form below saying in the message box you want this service along with the URL of the website and we will respond within 24hours to discuss further about the inspection. This way you’ll benefit from a more clear and effective website.

Abit About Us….

We are a Creative Digital Marketing Agency, specialising in Branding , Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

Our Story

Our journey began when two students met in university over their passion for creative design and marketing. They later decided to showcase their knack to the world and help businesses reach its true potential, through effective strategical marketing.

Our Approach

We analyse your business’s current state, values and goals. After we develop strategies needed to make your brand shine. . The tools we provide will aim to help your long term success.

Our Mission

We were created based on the belief digital services shouldn’t break the bank – our goal is to help businesses of all sizes to flourish in the digital world with digital creativeness.

How To Find Us?

No address yet but no matter what the location, we will connect!

Voice or Video call

If we cannot meet due to the distance apart, then we will use other methods of communication such as skype calls.

face-to-face meeting

We can conduct a face to face meetings if you’re based in Cardiff or Newport, your local coffee shop should do the job!

Social Media Marketing With Us

Showcase your brand

Social media offers modern day tools needed for brand awareness, whatever your business is Social Media Marketing can always be used to show your businesses persona and values.

Increase digital exposure

Social media has over millions of active users, with its sharing capabilities your brand can be everywhere.

Build a community

Social media is more than just posting pretty pictures and using hashtags. Your customers and potential customers are using it, this is a marketing gold mine, therefore, crafting a master plan will form a long lasting bond between your brand and its audiences

Cut down marketing costs

Platforms such as Facebook are now the modern day marketing tools for many companies. Compared to old traditional strategies like radio adverts it is much cheaper and affordable for almost any business sizes. With us and our proven strategies you will see real-world results.


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